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Let's talk about Talent!

It is a great gift having a talent or even many but only talent is not enough.
You also have to be a good communicator, good professional, good person, flexible and open.
For me personally, it always works to think from the perspective of my client.

Would you rather hire a designer:

1. Who is crazy talented and a superstar but pain to work with, egocentric, non reliable but so so good!

2. Hire a "good enough" professional who works fast, up to deadlines and does what you need.

I would choose 2, because a good and talented designer is a subjective matter and at the end of the day you need a good person and a professional who would solve your design issue.

And another important note: 

You can gain a talent and become good at anything you decide. Because "talent" is also a subjective matter and the measurement of your talent is decided by YOU

Your talent is in action only when it serves the others, otherwise it's just a shiny gem in your closet.

“Ego is NOT your Amigo!“

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