Vicky Knysh | Minushka
Designer, Illustrator, Curious Person



Vicky Knysh – Minushka

I'm creative designer and illustrator, I create images for all kinds of purposes, surfaces and needs. I'm dedicated to pictures and all things visual. 

You can hire me if you need:

  • Commercial, editorial and book illustration
  • Animation
  • Digital Design
  • Windows display design
  • Graphic Design
  • Surface Design

I'm balancing between digital and non-digital enjoying both equally.

I known for my work in the Future Shorts film festival, as a surface designer and illustrator, as a creator of my own products. I’m an author of the much-loved "Cardboard City" for Sofia Design Week 2011, I also was the curator of the children’s program for Sofia Design Week 2013.

My work is included in to the book “The Bulgarian Nouvelle Vague” – 101 new wave Bulgarian artists. Exhibited in Bulgaria, South Korea, Belgium, Spain, UK, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Ireland. 

I held my first workshop "Awake Creativity" in April 2018, for 3 different types of audiences. Some of the photos can be seen here.

My style is inspired by folk art, fairy-tales, children’s art, that’s maybe why my work is often a balance between work and play.

I'm a curious person and I always looking forward to new collaborations!

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Have a look at my little show reel of my animation work done during the past 6 months