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The digital use game

If you follow my instastories you saw me talking about digital use and trying to minimize it.
Let's dig into this πŸ˜‰

Everybody around me is complaining how bad social media and technology are but in a meantime everybody is keep using it on a daily basis.

I love technology and I have different point of view on this, I think of it more as an update and an addition to us as humans, just one more useful tool and entertainment.

It is all up to us how we commit to it, the same way as to sugar, alcohol, video games, Netflix, pickles, cheese and crackers... the list goes on. Everyone loves a good brownie, but you don't eat it 8 times a day, right?

The thing is to know your personal limits and to develop a healthy behavior with technologies, the one which benefits and works for you and your lifestyle. If it does the opposite that means you just have to put in some rules.

I think as in everything else it's important to have a balance, so chillax, don't complain and just work on it! πŸ’ƒ

My personal little rules are:

  • I don't check my phone right after I wake up. I love having breakfast all together. I drop my kids to school and only after this I allow myself to check/reply my messages. I also leave my phone on silent all night, so it won't disturb me when I don't need it.

  • I drive a lot and I'm not checking my phone while I'm in the traffic. I had issues with it and this is not healthy (also everyone who is behind you in the traffic line sends you that "silent hate vibe" for falling off with you phone :D)

  • I'm trying not to use my phone when my kids are around me. I do take pictures but trying to minimize everything else. Don't want them to see that this is okay to be on the phone while you are with someone.

  • I try to spend maximum 20 min in the morning, 20 min around lunch time, 20 min in the evening on social media.

  • I don't eat with my phone

  • I have a limit on the amount of the instastories a day. I take pictures/videos but usually don't post them straight away, I post them in the afternoon/evening when I have my social media time. I think that people who have crazy amount of stories a day are just very very bored and I actually mute/unfollow users with too many stories.

  • I don't use my phone minimum one hour before I go to bed. I also keep it in a different room while sleeping.

  • I never use my phone while talking to another person. During the meetings I keep it in my bag as well.

That's it and so far it helps me to keep my digital balance because I love technology and I live in the city, so it does nice things for my daily needs.

Hope it was helpful for you, wish you to reach you that life/internet balance and enjoy both of them :)

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